Event/Sport specific

Running & obstacle racing

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned pro, aiming for your first 5km, obstacle race or an ultra marathon, you want your trainer to have the expertise and experience to get you in peak condition and across the finish line.

This isn’t just about you putting one foot in front of the other, it’s about conditioning your whole body and mind for the task ahead, analysing your specific event and building strength where you need it most. 

Your expert trainer will have experience in many races including The 220km Namib Desert Challenge, The London Marathon, The Great Manchester Run, ToughGuy, Grim Duathlon, Hellrunner and many more.

Sports Specific

All sports require different elements of strength, speed, power, flexibility and endurance, which combine to give you the winning edge.  Your trainer will analyse the requirements of your sport and compare this to your current strengths and weaknesses to create a bespoke training plan, aimed at lifting you to the top of your game.

Your expert trainer will have a wide variety of experience to draw from, including playing competitive rugby league & rugby union, competitive powerlifting, martial arts instruction and many running and duathlon events.