Pre&post natal

Exercise and pregnancy

Historically, pregnancy was seen as a time when you should cease all activity and spend nine months as a couch potato – which let’s face it, is no fun for anyone!  Luckily for you, modern day studies have shown that pre natal and post natal exercise is not only ok, but is actually recommended and extremely beneficial during pregnancy.

Our expert trainers will work with you safely and effectively, throughout your pregnancy and beyond, to benefit both you and your baby.


During your pregnancy your body will be constantly changing and adapting, which needs to be reflected in the training you undertake.  Our expert trainers will be on hand to guide you through and ensure you train safely and effectively, whilst maximising the benefits such as:

  • Maintaining fitness.
  • Reduced muscular discomfort/back pain.
  • Reduced excessive weight gain.
  • Easier, shorter labour.
  • Quicker post natal recovery.
  • Improved circulation.


The addition of a new baby is a difficult time for anyone and takes a lot of getting used to as you get to know your baby.  Exercise has a great many benefits during this time, which can speed up your recovery and make this period of your life even more enjoyable:

  • Improved stamina and energy.
  • Increased local muscular endurance.
  • Improved posture.
  • Increased weight loss.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety.